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Getting Started FAQs

Private Lessons
Private lessons allow the student to learn at a pace that is comfortable for him. One on one instruction provides detailed information that can help you work on a wide variety of technical concepts, that are difficult to perfect in a group format. Private lessons are geared to focus on the each student’s individual needs, which result in a much-increased rate of learning. All of our teachers are independent, which means they book and manage their own schedules. Private lessons range from $55 to $60 per hour. Please talk with your favorite instructor about private lessons.

Sandy Tamplin318-465-4534
David Currie318-510-6659
Parnell Oldham318-458-3737
Bob Clanton318-780-7174
Stephen Mackey318-218-5348
Cathy Amy318-518-9809
Jessica Lowe318-658-3816
Evon Malray-Cain318-510-5761

Group Classes
Group classes are perfect for new students learning basics and for experienced dancers looking for exciting new patterns. We offer a wide range of classes in a variety of styles. We certainly have one that is right for you. Our group classes run in monthly sessions that work to provide the basics of the dance and provide some patterns for practicing. In each class, you will review material taught at the previous class and continue to learn new patterns and techniques. No partner is required. Pre-registration is not required for group classes, just show up on the first night of class.

How much does it cost?
Most Adult Classes at SandysDance Center are $8 per person per class. Adults may purchase a Monthly Membership, which will allow them to attend as many classes as they wish during the month. Dance Parties are typically $12 -$15 per person with a reduced rate for Monthly Members. Classes held at local colleges and universities vary according to the facility. If you would like us to come to YOUR facility or party and conduct a class, or if you have a group of friends who would like to take a class privately, just call us for a rate at 318-465-4534. Private Lessons are $55-$60 per hour - please check with your instructor. Monthly Membership is $75 per person.

Do I need to bring a partner?
No. In our group classes we rotate partners frequently. Feel free to bring your spouse or a friend if you wish to have someone to practice with in addition to your classmates.

How long do I have to stay in the basic class before I can move up to intermediate?
You can expect to repeat the basic class several times before moving to the next level, however, you will probably learn new patterns each time which will keep you from getting bored.

What do I wear to class?
For classroom environment, wear something casual and comfortable. Shoes should be low-heel and of the type that will stay on your feet. No sandals or flip flops. Rubber soled tennis shoes tend to stick to the floor. Non-rubber soled or leather-soled shoes work best.

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